UL 263:建筑结构和材料的防火测试

 UL 263:建筑结构和材料的防火测试
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UL 认证简称:
UL 263建筑构件和材料-标准名称:
UL 263 Fire Tests of Building Constriction and Material
UL 263 建筑结构和材料的防火测试
UL 263建筑构件和材料-标准范围:
UL 263建筑构件和材料-涵盖范围:
- These fire tests are applicable to assemblies of masonry units and to composite assemblies of structural materials for building, including bearing and other walls and partitions, columns, girders, beams, slabs and composite slab and beam assemblies for floors and roofs, they are also applicable to other assemblies and structural units that constitute permanent integral parts of a finished building.
- The classifications for building construction and materials are intended to register performance during the period of fire exposure and are not intended to be interpreted as having determined their acceptability for use after fire exposure.
- These requirements are intended to evaluate the length of time that the types of assemblies specified in1.1 will contain a fire or retain their structural integrity, or both, dependent upon the type of assembly involved, during a predetermined test exposure. the test evaluates the assembly's resistance to teat. and in some instances to a hose stream. while carrying an applied load, if the assembly is load bearing.
-   Under these requirements a specimen is subjected to a standard fire exposure controlled to achieve specified temperatures throughout a specified time period. In some instances ,the fire exposure may be followed by the application of a specified standard fire hose stream. This exposure by itself may not be representative of all fire conditions; conditions may vary with changes in the amount, nature, and distribution of fire loading, ventilation, compartment size and configuration, and heat sink characteristics of the compartment. These requirements provide a relative measure of fire performance of comparable assemblies under these specified fire exposure conditions. Any variation from the construction or conditions that are tested such as size. method of assembly, and materials ,may substantially change the performance characteristics of the assembly.
UL 263建筑构件和材料-标准概述:
UL 263建筑构件和材料-温度曲线:
1000°F (538°C) at 5 min
1462°F (795°C)at 20 min
1550°F (843°C) at 30 min
1700°F (927°C) at 1 h
1850°F (1010°C) at 2 h
2000°F (1093°C) at 4 h
UL 263建筑构件和材料-相关参考标准
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- GB /T 9978建筑构件耐火试验方法
- BS 476-20:建筑材料和构件的防火测试.20部分:建筑构件耐火的测试方法(一般原理)
- BS 476-21:建筑材料和构件的防火测试.21部分:承重构件耐火的测试方法
- BS 476-22:非载荷建筑元件防火测试方法
- EN 13501-1: 建筑制品和构件的火灾分级第一部分:用对火反应试验数据的分级
- DIN 4102-1: 建筑材料和构件的防火性能第一部分:建筑材料要求和测试的分类等级
- NF P 92-501: 法国材料阻燃防火测试M等级测定-刚性材料(M0,M1,M2,M3,M4
- NF P 92-503: 法国材料阻燃防火测试M等级测定-柔性材料(M0,M1,M2,M3,M4
- BS 476: 建筑材料阻燃测试,防火测试
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