UL2556 电线电缆测试方法

UL2556电线电缆测试方法 – 标准名称
UL2556 Standard for safety Wire and Cable Test Methods
UL2556 电线电缆测试方法

UL2556电线电缆测试方法 – 适用范围
UL2556 本标准描述了实验仪器,测试方法,试验中用到的公式以及电线电缆标准要求的计算。

This standard describes the apparatus, test methods, and formulas to be used in carrying out the tests and calculations required by wire and cable standards.

Specific acceptance requirements are found in individual product standards.

Where a test method indicates a “specified" test parameter or condition, the parameter or condition is found in the individual product standard.

UL2556电线电缆测试方法 – 相关标准
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