ASTM D 4804非刚性固体塑料可燃性试验

ASTM D 4804测定非刚性固体塑料可燃性的标准试验方法– 标准名称
ASTM D 4804 Standard Test Method for Determining the Flammability Characteristics of Nonrigid Solid Plastics
ASTM D 4804 测定非刚性固体塑料可燃性的标准试验方法
ASTM D 4804测定非刚性固体塑料可燃性的标准试验方法 – 标准概述
Thisfire-test-responsetestmethods describe small-scale laboratory procedures for determining the comparative burning characteristics of solid plastic materials that, due to specimen thinness and nonrigidity, distort, shrink, and/or are consumed up to holding clamp when tested using Test Method D3801. A flame is applied to the base of specimens held in a vertical position and the extinguishing times are determined upon removal of the test flame.
ASTM D 4804测定非刚性固体塑料可燃性的标准试验方法–参考标准
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